Sex Crimes Attorneys

Have you been accused of a sex crime?  Sexual assault?  Sex Abuse?   Or other Sex Offense?

Are you screaming and banging your head proclaiming your innocence and it’s falling on deaf ears?  Do you think those falsely accusing you are out to get you?  THEY ARE. But an experienced team of sexual assault lawyers can help.

An arrest for any criminal offense can be problematic.  However, an arrest for sexual assault against a child, or adult, can come with much more serious potential consequences.   A conviction for a sex crime can impact:

  1. child custody;
  2. employment opportunities;
  3. housing options;
  4. federal assistance;
  5. and may even require registry as a sex offender

Other less tangible consequences come from the community that creates a hostile environment for the alleged offender.

Our criminal justice system is intended to protect our communities, but it’s far from perfect.  False or exaggerated charges of sexual assault can send an innocent person to prison for lengthy periods of time and seriously affect their future.  When subjectivity becomes involved in a case, objectivity can easily go out the door.  The judge or jurors may unfortunately be swayed by emotional evidence against your innocence, especially if you don’t have an experienced sex crimes lawyer on your side.

When your freedom and reputation is at stake, it’s critical to use every tool at your disposal to secure a positive outcome.  The criminal defense lawyers at Dunham & Jones, Attorney at Law, P.C. have a strong track record of success, having helped hundreds of men, women, and juveniles to regain their futures after serious allegations of committing a sexually motivated offense.

Dunham & Jones has the experience and resources (including many nationally distinguished expert witnesses) that are ready to stand between you and a wrongful conviction.  Call 214-888-8888 today for a free and honest assessment of your legal options in a compassionate setting.

Defense for Adults and Juveniles Accused of Sex Crimes

The sex offense lawyers at Dunham & Jones understand how difficult it can be to face allegations of a sexual offense.  Our criminal defense firm focuses on representing clients who have been accused of sex crimes and will work diligently to establish a strong legal defense on your behalf.

Charges for sexually motivated offenses can easily be brought, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.  The lack of factual and scientific evidence isn’t a barrier to the prosecution.  Prosecutors will attribute any indication of your innocence to the nature of the crime and the alleged victim.  Further, any inconsistencies in statements, behaviors, interviews, or medical exams can be used against you.

False accusations of child sexual assault cases are very serious, difficult, and costly to defend.  The best thing you can do to protect your rights is to obtain legal counsel as quickly as possible.

Protecting your family from CPS after an arrest

Cases involving the alleged sexual assault of a child family member may likely involve Child Protective Services (CPS).  The sad fact is that many falsely accused parents make mistakes dealing with CPS, because they don’t understand the power and motives of the organization.  Parents are often naive and believe their innocence will be quickly realized and the matter will be dropped.  This is the biggest mistake parents make.

CPS cases can only be successfully defended by a criminal defense attorney with significant trial experience, specifically in false child sex crime allegations.  Dunham & Jones has that experience.

False allegations must be beaten through dismissal or victory at trial.  Dunham & Jones believes strongly in proving the innocence of the falsely accused and has dedicated their practice to that principle.  The firm’s approach to child protective services cases includes:

  1. Immediate intervention to put Child Protective Services on notice that you intend to fight for your children, your rights and to prove your innocence.
  2. Step by step explanation of the CPS child-taking process. What is next for your family? How to prevent mistakes that could result in the termination of your parental rights.
  3. Prepare a vigorous defense for trial.
  4. Aggressively defend you and fight on your behalf to have your children returned to your home or prevent their removal in the first place.
  5. Fight for your right to have your children placed with relatives or friends instead of with strangers.
  6. Protect your rights as a family.

If you have been charged with child molestation, statutory rape, indecency with a child, or any other sexual offense, it’s important to take immediate action.  The longer you wait to build a defense strategy, the more time you give the prosecution to build a case against you.

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Dunham & Jones strongly believe in the rights of an individual to a fair trial and understands the severe anxiety and concern you have about your future following such charges.  Our firm focuses on cases involving false or exaggerated sexual crime allegations, so you can rest assured you will be working with an experienced team of sex crimes attorneys.

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