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In April of last year my ex wife made some false allegations of abuse against me. I needed an attorney to protect my family and myself. My brother did some searching and suggested that I try Stuckle & Associates. I contacted them and met with Allen Ayers to discuss my case. He told me about some of the other cases they have handled and the different rates and services they provide. He was very helpful in understanding the process of the investigation and what to expect. He warned me about what the investigators would try to get me to do and how that would affect me in court.

I decided to go with Stuckle & Associates to represent me. I was surprised at how closely Allen’s predictions of the investigators actions matched what actually occurred. Throughout the whole process Allen and Stuckle & Associates were very responsive to my questions and concerns. When I needed Allen to speak to the investigators he worked promptly to ensure my interests were protected. Stuckle & Associates were also straightforward with the possibilities of the case.

They didn’t sugar coat anything and as a result we could be prepared for all possible out comes. Throughout the entire process, which took about 8 months, Stuckle & Associates were there to help me. In the end my case went to Grand Jury and was No Billed. This was a huge blessing in my life and saved my family and career.


Three years ago we found ourselves in a terrible nightmare when my husband was falsely accused of aggravated sexual assault of a child. We had always been a very happy, easy going family. My husband had never had anything on his record. He has always been an upstanding citizen with the utmost integrity. So, to say that it felt like someone punched us in the stomach, is an understatement, and so began the hell we had to endure.

When it began, we were naïve enough to think that because it was a false accusation that the truth would prevail and we would not need an attorney. We thought that it would never go anywhere because my husband was innocent. Well, over a year after this started, the indictment happened. We scrambled! And hired an attorney that ended up being horrible and did us very wrong and took thousands of dollars, then we found Paul!

It was so encouraging to talk to an attorney that believed us! That believed my husband was innocent. Paul definitely knew what he was doing. He never made any promises except that he felt good about the case. We had every confidence that he would do his job well. There were several times that we trusted his judgment because of his expertise in the area. My husband’s case was very different and in a small town, which made it even more of a challenge. We are forever grateful for the expertise and instincts that Paul and his team exhibited on this case that ended with a dismissal from a court that rarely dismisses cases such as these.

We finally feel like we can breathe again. We can now move on with future plans and dream again.

Sincere Thanks,

Maybe naively, we never imagined our family would have to deal with a loved one facing false allegations. We always knew that the “in law” was a very controlling bully. Because of “her” influence over the County, and the cronyism that exists in their hometown, we knew we were facing an extremely difficult trial. Needless to say, we were looking for the best representation.

God intervened and lead us to Paul Stuckle. From day one they believed in our loved one, while being honest about the obstacles we could be facing. It took a year and a half to go to trial, but we were in constant contact with them especially in our darkest days. It kept my family as sane as one can possibly be in a situation like this. We came out victorious with these angels and God’s divine intervention. Paul and Alyse our family is eternally grateful to you both.


Paul was very up front regarding the challenges of defending false allegations. My wife and I met with Paul and found him to have the passion we were looking for in counsel. He educated us very well and provided a calm in the middle of the storm. We felt Paul’s background enabled him to be very effective. His staff was always a pleasure to work with and shared the same passion.

It was a blessing to have a competent attorney and very capable assistants to handle our grandson’s case. He was most helpful, understanding, caring and very informative to us all during the trial. We shall forever be grateful for the services rendered and highly recommend him to anyone who needs criminal defense in aiding to prove false accusation on a client. Thank you Paul and staff.

I was falsely accused of ****ing my child. I found Paul and Alyse and they took my case and a year and half later I was found not guilty! They are the best. I would have never been able to beat the state without their help, knowledge and passion to help fathers like me. My family was able to meet them during trial and they are amazed at how intelligent and professional they are. I thank Paul for his belief in me as a father, and a man. For all of you who are talking negative about him, I advise you to examine your self and take ownership in your actions and responsibilities. I was held without sang my daughter for 2 1/2 years and the weekend after I was found not guilty, I got to see my daughter. Thanks Paul and Alyse. You are always going to be a part of our family.

Paul was nothing but professional the whole time he represented me. Him and his assistant at the time, but now partner Alyse kept me in the loop at every stage of the process. Ultimately Paul they gained me an acquittal through their relentless efforts in my defense. I always felt like Paul and Alyse believed me, and fought hard for me. Paul has never demonstrated anything but compassion, professionalism and strength while representing me. I cannot convey my belief in him enough. If you pass this attorney up, you’re doing yourself a dis-service.


We were grateful to find out about Paul on the internet. The attorney we had hired first told us there was nothing that could be done until I was indicted. Paul fought my indictment and my case was no-billed. Fighting at trial is a more difficult battle in these cases even if you are innocent.

This TEAM Paul & Alyse are amazing to see in action. They are committed to a positive resolve. Most impressive are the experts they have set up in their firm. I know in my heart without them my son would have spent the rest of his life in prison on false allegations. Our lives are back to normal & we owe it all tho Paul & Alyse!

I was falsely accused of a heinous crime, and I found Stuckle & Associates. They are what I would call Angels in the Flesh. They are God’s gift to Justice. They are passionate, dedicated, committed, and loyal to their clients. With their strong discovery skills, attention to detail, and their knowledge of the law, I was acquitted and found not guilty.  I can honestly say that they took the time to get to know not only me, but my entire family. They are family, and from the moment they took on my case till now, 3 yrs later we are still family. Stuckle & Associates represent Justice for the wrongfully accused.



Just now, we are starting to return to our pre-stressed-out personalities and are looking forward to what the year ahead holds for us.

We wanted to let you know just how grateful we are for all the time, effort and expertise you put into ____’s case. We want to thank you for educating us along the way. We want to thank you for your patience, and for the professionalism which you always maintained. We want to let you know that you are a special person to us and we each hold a fondness in our hearts for you. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you again Paul. You are a true blessing for our family.

Gratefully Yours,

If you are reading this, chances are you are in the midst of an unimaginable nightmare. I have been there brother, and if you want to get to the other side you have come to the right attorney.

When a new playmate of my daughter’s described to her mother what is routine playtime for me and my kids, all hell broke loose. The mother, who is from a different culture, took the account of a 4 year old straight to CPS and the next thing I knew I was arrested for aggravated sexual assault. A dark cloud extended over me and my loving family, crushing my wife of 16 years and I with fear.

Then CPS somehow got 2 of her sisters to make similar accusations and another indictment came. 
We were scared out of our minds and began preparing for the worst.

Paul and his team were there at every court appearance, and we began to prepare for trial. I began to appreciate the special knowledge Paul has for these cases, he was always able to predict the next move of the prosecution. Great care was taken to require transcripts of all interviews CPS had with the child and mother, every word of these were analyzed by Paul’s team.

Less than a month before the trial was to begin Paul found a statement made by the mother in one of the transcripts, something about her recording her children while she questioned them. This led to the discovery of obvious coaching and the true source of the accusations came to light. Paul made this known to the DA.

This, along with their knowing they were dealing with a serious adversary, led to all the indictments being dropped.

These 2 things together are critical, the prosecution must know that they are up against an expert before they will withdraw. In my opinion, very few attorneys would have this effect on a well-equipped DA.

We can breathe again, we have a future now all because of the expert attention to detail Paul and his team applied to my case.

I owe my life to this man, if you are in a similar position Paul Stuckle and his team is who you need on your side to have any chance of prevailing.

I wish you luck if you are falsely accused, trust what Paul asks you to do and never give up hope!


Paul, how does it feel, not to have to burn the midnight oil on the case any more?

You opened the door to my freedom, that truly is a precious gift you have given, not only to me, but my family and extended family.

Sorry, for the delay in expressing my most humblest gratitude for saving my life. As you have already guessed, I was completely overwhelmed by your letter. Paul, you made a grown man cry, with your words of genuine care and concern and I will never forget your pearls of wisdom. Frankly, after reading your letter, I couldn’t compose myself, to respond reflectively, as I should have. Please forgive me.

I hope that upon occasion you refer to this letter when, another case you are working on, isn’t going so well and you are doubting why you are doing this after all these years. Just remember, Paul, you saved my life and I know that whoever you are representing, you have the sword and shield to defend your client. You are the true epitome of what a true, fair and just lawyer, is all about.

Phyllis and I are proud to call you our friend forever. God bless you Paul. Our paths will cross again, I promise.


I had Paul Stuckle for my attorney. He is compassionate, concerned and a good listener. I felt right from the first moment, that I was in good hands. He was thorough and I could tell he was working exceedingly hard to win my case. It gave me confidence to know I had him as my attorney. He will give his all to see that the innocent person goes free. I am grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone that needs an excellent attorney to fight for them.


In early 2003, my nephew accused me of ‘touching’ him. Having never been accused of such a thing, I didn’t know what to do. That one false accusation set off a roller coaster in my life and my family’s life that we honestly didn’t think we would ever recover from. After hiring an attorney that had no business representing someone falsely accused for the grand jury hearing, an indictment was returned in two different counties because of the accusations my nephew was making.

After realizing that attorney was incompetent, I went on the search for someone that knew what they were doing.

I wish I could remember his name, but one of the attorneys I interviewed told me the thing that I believe saved my life. “You know, I would love to take the case, but you really should hire someone that is specifically trained in representing people falsely accused people of THIS kind of crime… Let me get you Paul Stuckle’s number.” That statement changed my life, and my family’s life forever.

When I met with Paul, I told him my whole story and what exactly happened — and more importantly what didn’t happen. At the end of my story, Paul looked at me and said, “Well, you convinced me… I’ll do it.” For the first time in this whole ordeal, I finally found someone that I thought believed me. I cannot tell you how much that gave me hope. Over the next couple years as the court system dragged their feet, Paul was in regular contact with me explaining every step of the way what was happening, and why.

Early on in the process, the prosecutor tried offering us a plea. Paul brought it to me and explained the pros and cons. I told him, “I didn’t do it and I’m not accepting a plea. Ever.” From then on, he never talked to me about a plea again. He respected my decision to go to trial, and never questioned me. He *truly* believed in me.
Eventually we ended up going to trial. I always felt that with Paul and Alyse sitting by my side, I was in good hands. I was right. They were able to bring out the inconsistencies in my nephew’s story. Their preparation was evident in the fact that they were catching differences between what my nephew was testifying and what his prior written statements were. Even I didn’t catch them all!

With Paul and Alyse’s quality representation, I was acquitted of all charges in that county. The other county realizing that Paul and Alyse knew what they were doing, dropped all charges against me. Since then, I have been able to go on and open several businesses and create a successful life for myself — something I wouldn’t have been able to do with a plea or conviction on my record. Paul and Alyse were definitely my guardian angels, and I cannot ever thank them enough.


During my trial I called Paul and Alyse my Dream Team! Today I hear my daughter playing the violin and watch my son studying. Simple things that I would have missed forever if it had not been for Paul and Alyse.


If you are reading this, you are already aware of the seriousness and compromised position you are presently in. it’s extremely important that you pick the correct attorney, for you and your defense team. Your decisions now, may well affect, the outcome of your trial and ultimately your life. Mr. Stuckle has been practicing and specializing in false sexual allegations in Texas for nearly three decades. He is well respected in the legal arena and personally I can attest, that Mr. Stuckle, will go the extra mile for his client. Mr. Stuckle did so for me. Whether you are in Texas or in another state, as in my case, from North Dakota, (accused of 4 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition on my daughter, facing 60 years of incarceration), Mr. Stuckle can work well with other attorneys from other states.

Mr. Stuckle is meticulous about details. He provided me with casemaps and he is a wealth of knowledge and resources, for you to win your case and prove your innocence. One thing that I would like to impress upon everyone and this has been my own personal experience; is just because you are truly innocent, that does not mean you can’t be found guilty by an uncaring jury or bad judge. You will need truth, determination and Mr. Paul Stuckle, by your side, to get you through the worst time of your life. This is my testimonial from a very happy, grateful and free man, who faced up to 60 years of incarceration.

Brad W.

I have worked with Attorney Paul Stuckle as a Forensic Trial Consultant (I also serve as a defense expert who testifies in court cases to best practice methodology relative to forensic interviews of children allegedly abused) in two criminal cases; one in his home state of Texas that went to trial and one out of state where he came in Pro Hac Vice as foreign counsel. In both cases, and in general, I’ve found Mr. Stuckle to be a knowledgeable, extremely organized, tactical, and tenacious warrior as a criminal defense lawyer.

Whether he presents his case to the Grand Jury via the Prosecutor to prevent a True Bill of Indictment, does legal research, prepares casebooks for his client and defense team, and/or aggressively functions as a Trial Litigator, Attorney Paul Stuckle is light years ahead of most attorneys who try these cases.

Dean Tong (National Child Abuse Trial Consultant)

After more than 20 years of specializing in defending false allegation cases and after working with or assisting hundreds of attorneys all over the world, Paul Stuckle’s firm is the only law firm that I recommend to my clients on a national basis. Defending false allegations of abuse cases is all that they do. Paul and his team, Dianna, and Alyse as well as others, including mental health professionals, private investigators and polygraph examiners are all sincerely dedicated to defending their clients professionally and properly. If there ever was a pattern for how to properly build a defense to a child sexual assault case, this law firm would be the mold. Need serious help? Call Paul Stuckle today either as your lead counsel or to assist your local attorney on a pro hac vice basis. This simply means that an attorney who isn’t a member of your local State Bar, but who is eligible to practice law in another state, may act as your counsel in your state.

Allen Cowling: National Child Sexual Abuse Defense Consultant

As the mother of a son that was falsely accused by CPS and left out there to dry for 18 months…you couldn’t have been a better choice for an attorney. You understood how I felt 5 hours away and always were there when I needed comfort. You worked unbelievably to make sure that our son was acquitted!!! We will forever be in your debt….and will tell all those that ask how wonderful, compassionate you were for one falsely accused!

Due to false allegations my family was ripped apart. My wife and I lost everything, our home, our kids, our security, everything! The “innocent until proven guilty” philosophy of our court system was eroding away until I found Stuckle and Associates. Initially I spoke at length with Rachel. She was so compassionate and knew what I was going through; she actually understood our situation…Within days I was moving in a PROACTIVE direction. We began unveiling the truth that had been ignored by CPS and the “system” and pulled together a strong case to prove my innocence. I gained a confidence that had been taken away early in this horrible situation as they educated me on the process. Ultimately it ended with a no-bill, but all along we experienced the comfort, compassion, and security that we needed to face this very real nightmare from people that felt more like family than a law firm. Thank you so much!

Thank you for assisting us through this difficult time. Having the system explained at each step of the way really helped ease our concerns and the trauma of these false allegations.

We feel lucky to have found Alyse and Paul. CPS tried to remove our baby right after delivery from the hospital. They successfully prevented CPS from taking our precious baby, but they also kept us out of CPS services.

Our family was devastated when our son was accused of child molestation. We rally together and found Paul and Alyse from their website. Knowing in our hearts this wasn’t true we wanted the best attorneys possible for the job of representing our son. On our first meeting with Alyse we realized she and Paul were the perfect team we wanted on our side. Together they worked diligently defending our son never backing down when necessary in the courtroom. I’m convinced that because of the way we all worked as a team is what helped free our son since unfortunately the polygraph he passed along with other forensic interviews were inadmissible in court. If he had been found guilty he would have never seen the light of day again and his father and I would have died at our age before he would have gotten out of prison. The past year and a half has been harder than death living with the possibility of prison. Now I truly believe Paul and Alyse are angels sent from God! They will forever remain very important members of our family! We highly recommend them!